Hiking The Yorkshire Three Peaks - What You Need To Know

22 March 2018

The Yorkshire Three Peaks is a renowned walk that is perfect for testing the legs and getting you out into the hills for a series of perfect views of the Yorkshire Dales. This walk is not to be taken lightly, but it offers an excellent day out in the Dales before you return to your Luxury Holiday cottages in the Yorkshire Dales. Here we explore all that you need to know about hiking the Yorkshire Three Peaks.

Where Does It Go?

The Yorkshire Three Peaks walk typically starts in Horton-in-Ribblesdale. The walk is traditionally walked in a counter-clockwise direction starting with an ascent of Pen-Y-Ghent. Hikers then drop down and continue at a low level for several miles before passing the iconic Ribblehead viaduct and ascending the highest peak in the Yorkshire Dales, Whernside.

After an ascent of Whernside, the path drops off and crosses some moorland before taking you up to the top of Ingleborough. From Ingleborough, hikers need to retrace their steps slightly before turning off to drop back into Horton-in-Ribblesdale.

How Long Is It and How Long Does It Take?

While there is no official route that you have to follow, the most common and easiest route to walk is approximately 24 miles. The typical target time for the walk is to complete it in less than 12 hours and this is considered to be a fine walking achievement. For runners, the route can be completed in around five-six hours.

Are There Shops and Stops?

The route is relatively barren of supplies with the exception of three locations. Horton-in-Ribblesdale, where you start and finish, is well equipped with shops and pubs, including a cafe by the car park where you can buy tea by the pint when you have finished. There is also a pub approximately halfway through that serves lunch.

This is located at the Ribblehead viaduct and is a good location for a stop, but you should try not to waste too much of your daylight walking hours here. Finally, in the summer there is also an ice cream shed at a farm that can be enjoyed on your walk, but you should not rely on this being open for your walk.

The Yorkshire Three Peaks walk is a fantastic way to spend one of your holiday days before returning to your luxury accommodation, and it can be even better when you book one of our cottages with hot tubs to relax in after your walk.. Contact us today for more details.

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