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23 April 2020

Lockdown is a stressful time for all of us, but one way to relieve some of that stress is by having a piece of hope for the future. In this blog, we’re going to help you find something to look forward to by detailing a few hiking plans for some post-lockdown fun.

There’s lots of planning to do, so let’s get to it!

Great Langdale

A hike in Langdale is always impressive. This area has a lot of majestic valleys and terrain that ensures any walk in this area is varied and memorable. We especially recommend making a stop at Stickle Tarn during your walk, and finishing up at the Stickle Barn pub.

Whilst Langdale is a beautiful walk in all weathers, we would recommend that inexperienced walkers avoid this hike in wet weather as the scrambling sections can be a little dangerous.

If you want to read more about walking in Langdale, you can read our blog about it: Walking with Wainwright: Langdale.

Langdale tarn


One of the benefits of planning to hike up Catbells is that you’re inevitably going to be spending some time in Keswick. Catbells itself is a fairly easy walk favoured by young families and beginners in hiking, but it’s also a thoroughly pleasant walk with lots of gorgeous views.

Contrary to the feline sounding name of this hike, you should expect a lot of dog walkers in this area. Keswick is an especially dog-friendly area in the Lake District with lots of places to dine with your dog in the main section of town.

You might be interested in our dog-friendly cottages in the Lake District.

Alternatively, you can read more about planning a day out in Keswick on our blog: Walking with Wainwright: Catbells.


Old Man of Coniston

Much like Catbells, this hike is favoured by families, but unlike Catbells there isn’t much to do in the area immediately surrounding this mountain. On the other hand, the Old Man of Coniston features one of Cumbria’s best out of use slate mines which hikers can pass through on their route.

Parking in Coniston can be a little difficult, so we recommend reading our blog for a day plan you can trust: Walking with Wainwright: Old Man of Coniston.

Aira Force

Aira Force isn’t a particularly difficult hike, but with the variety of possible routes around this famous waterfall you have the potential to take it very easy if you want to – and if you’re travelling with older relatives this might be the perfect break into nature for you!

Like Coniston Old Man, there isn’t much in the immediate area, but it’s not impossible to find a great place to get a bite to eat near Aira Force. There is also a permanent gift shop and café as well as a refreshments booth to ensure that your walk gets off to a tasty start.

You can find more about planning a day trip to Aira Force on our blog: Walking with Wainwright: Aira Force.


There are plenty of walks around Yorkshire, but the most famous are the three peaks. These gruelling hikes are hard but beautiful. If you’re struggling to choose one, our personal recommendation would be Ingleborough for its beautiful waterfalls trail and lovely village nearby.

You can read more about popular walks in Yorkshire here: 5 Reasons to Take a Break in Yorkshire.

Orrest Head

If you’re looking for the equivalent of a taster in the walking world, we can’t recommend Orrest Head in Windermere enough. It’s a very central short walk that gives brilliant views of the Lake District without taking up your entire day – perfect if you’ve got lots to do!

We’ve got a plan for your trip to Orrest Head, with detailed instructions about parking in Windermere.

Orrest Head

Red Screes

If Orrest Head is too short a walk for you, we recommend combining it with a trek up the neighbouring Wainwright walk - Red Screes – unless it’s raining. There’s a lot of scrambling and steep terrain on this hike, so we recommend waiting for a sunny day before you attempt this walk.

Situated en route to Ambleside, Red Screes offers brilliant views over Lake Windermere, and the drive to get there is stunning. You can read more about attempting Red Screes here: Walking with Wainwright: Red Screes.

If you’re looking to plan a holiday to enjoy for after the lockdown, we recommend our luxury holiday cottages in the Lake District to celebrate.

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