Why Outdoor Breaks Are Great For Your Health

4 January 2021

It can boost your mood and energy levels, help you get fit, improve your health, provide endless family fun and potentially comes free of charge. We are talking about the glorious British countryside and coast.

Of course, you could just take a regular stroll around your local park. However, the rule of thumb is the longer you spend walking, hiking, cycling, and even sitting outdoors, the bigger the advantages.

To be honest, your local canal towpath may be scenic, but you would probably swap it for a relaxing getaway in a luxury holiday cottages in the Lake District, wouldn’t you?

Lake District

The Ultimate Get Away

Outdoor breaks are good for your health as they’re the perfect ‘get away’ from the hurly-burly of modern life. If you spend a lot of time indoors (which was pretty much everyone in recent times) wide open spaces with plenty of room to breathe are particularly uplifting.

You can boost your mental health by escaping to the UK’s lakes, mountains, countryside and coast, avoiding stress and noise. Even the hugely popular Lake District is blessed with plenty of off the beaten track walks, lakeside spots and less travelled places to soak up peace and quiet.

Outdoor breaks are the best way to meditate, become mindful or simply avoid conversation with others for hours on end!

Fresh Air, Vitamin D & Exercise

While enjoying your escape from normal life, you will also be improving your physical health.

It’s easier to exercise outdoors, as you have space, opportunity and lots of choices for fitness activities. From wild swimming and mountaineering, to simply walking for hours in beautiful, traffic-free environments.

Also, even gentle strolls help to release endorphins – also known as ‘happiness hormones’ – which create positivity and energy. Breathing in fresh air improves your lung health, but it also sends a strong amount of oxygen into your bloodstream, which is of value to all your organs.

We all know how important Vitamin D is to health. Without it, our bodies struggle to absorb other vital nutrients, such as calcium and phosphorus. With a good quality sunscreen applied on summer days, walking outdoors year-round can give you a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

The very fact you’re using lots of muscles to move around outdoors and burning up calories adds to the opportunity to get fitter. Though you will need to do it often or a lot to lose weight. Plus, that benefit can be lost if your outdoor break also features cooked breakfasts, cream teas or pints of real ale!

Lake District

Exploring The Beauty And Heritage Of Britain

“I forgot how beautiful Britain is!” You would be amazed at how many times people say that. A break outdoors can be relaxing, but it also provides ample stimulation and interest.

There are incredible vistas, and awe-inspiring spots to visit in the heart of the country or along its diverse shoreline. Often peppered by buildings, farms and other structures that tell the tale of this nation’s fascinating history. Then, there is Britain’s abundant wildlife to look for too.

These are all ways to create relaxation and distraction and save wonderful memories for when you return home.

Family Time, Couple Breaks Or Solo Adventures

Another way that outdoor breaks build memories and improve your health is by strengthening relationships. Though going away alone might be your ideal holiday!

Kids are also sure to love everything that the Lake District has to offer; it’s true that the area has something for everyone. Some of the best childhood days are spent climbing trees and hills, splodging in streams and waves, and watching farm animals or wild creatures in their natural habitat. Parents will be teaching kids the value of being outside, setting them up for better mental and physical health throughout their life.

Let’s not forget the advantages of couples breaks outdoors too. Having an adventure – such as hiking, cycling, boating, abseiling, or clay pigeon shooting in the Lake District – can reconnect you like nothing else. Those sunrises and sunsets in Britain’s beautiful outdoors are rather romantic too!

Lots More Reasons To Take An Outdoor Break

There are many more health advantages to breaks outdoors too, including being able to sleep better due to all that fresh air, exercise and fun or just  to enjoy a dog friendly cottages lake district.

You may well find that stress and depression lessen. Also, your ability to focus improves- mentally and visually! There is even evidence that regular outdoor time and activities boost your immune system, and help with pain management.

The health advantages of an outdoor break in the UK could be just the excuse you’re looking for to make a booking, so what are you waiting for? Contact us today to find out more about our idyllic cottages in the Lake District.

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