The Health Benefits of Choosing a Cottage With a Hot Tub

12 September 2022

As the popularity of hot tubs grows, they have become a sought-after bonus for rental properties. At Mill House Cottages, we are proud to offer this added feature at some of our locations, many of which overlook the incredible countryside and have stunning views.

Although many will search for a hot tub cottage in the Lake District for the aesthetic and luxury, they also offer many health benefits. So today, we explore some of the health benefits and why you should consider a stay in one of our luxury cottages with the addition of a hot tub.

Soak the Stress Away

It is well-known that relaxing in a hot tub is one of the best ways to de-stress and stress is a significant concern when it comes to physical health. We are seeing increased studies exploring burnout from stress overload, so whilst a luxury weekend away with a hot tub may seem a lavish expense, it could be just what the doctor ordered.

With the addition of the beautiful backdrop of the Lake District or Scottish landscape, it will be a struggle to tear yourself away from soaking up all the calming environment.

Muscle Relaxation

A long day of rambling or hiking often results in sore muscles. It is never noticeable throughout the hike, but once you sit down at the end of the day, it is often hard to get back up again. Instead of attempting to run a bath, having a luxury holiday cottage in the Lake District with a hot tub is the perfect way to relax those overworked muscles.

Get the Best Night’s Sleep

In addition to preventing soreness after being still in bed all night, according to research, soaking in warm water can significantly improve your sleep and REM cycles. In fact, previous studies have suggested prescribing a warm soak before going to bed to prevent insomnia in adults.

A 2012 study also investigated the process of hydrotherapy in relation to patients with fibromyalgia. Many who suffer from the condition also struggle to achieve a good night’s rest. Through trials, the study concluded that hydrotherapy offered a longer and deeper sleep for female fibromyalgia patients between the ages of 30 and 65.

Non-medicated Pain Relief

Like muscle relaxation, taking a warm dip in a hot tub can offer the benefits of pain relief without the need for over-the-counter medications. Whether you have a headache, arthritis or aching joints, the water supports your body and takes the pressure off. This helps the muscles and tendons to relax, which in turn can assist with reducing inflammation and stiffness which may have caused the pain.

Better and Improved Heart Health

Sitting in a hot tub can feel wonderful, but that relaxation doesn’t just assist mentally; in fact by sitting in a hot tub for just 10 minutes a day, you can lower your heart rate. This is perfect for those who are being treated for high blood pressure.

In addition, in 2016, researchers conducted a study which suggested that every hour in a hot tub was equivalent to a 30-minute walk. So, if you have enjoyed an adventurous expedition through the Yorkshire Dales or Lake District, an evening in the hot tub can offer you an extended workout whilst simply relaxing after a beautiful day.

How to Maximise the Benefits of Being in a Hot Tub

Although a simple soak should require no effort, with these small tasks, you can maximise the overall health, mental and physical benefits of using our beautiful hot tubs as you gaze across some of the gracious green grasslands.

Drink plenty Of course, we recommend water. The heat and steam can quickly dehydrate you, so ensuring that you have plenty of water to hand is ideal.

Avoid a boiling tub – Hot tubs are great, but boiling tubs are not so much. The maximum your hot tub should be is 40°C. Any more desirable than that, you will begin burning through the chlorine, preventing the bacteria from spreading.

Wash up after – Once you have taken in all the scenery you can for the evening, it is always a good idea to wash down. Remove any bathing clothes and wash with soap and lukewarm water. Hot tubs use an array of chemicals, and whilst these are all safe, any prolonged exposure to the skin may cause irritation.

Finding Hot Tub Cottages in the Lake District

Our luxury stays with hot tubs offer the perfect escape from busy life and are the ideal place to return to after a long day exploring either the Lake District or the Yorkshire Dales. Whether you are looking to spend some intimate time with a significant other or host a family reunion in Scotland, our cottages with hot tubs will surely be the relaxing breakaway you need. You can view all our stunning cottages online, along with their price and availability. For any questions, feel free to contact us directly, and we can help find you the perfect break away.


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