National Parks Expanding

10 August 2016

The amazing backdrop of the Lake District has inspired many pieces of art and literature. It has been a place of true natural beauty for years, being a prime holiday spot for any intrepid adventurer to experience the wonder of the outdoors in an idyllic location. It has been largely unchanged for many years thanks to this love. Becoming a spot of true preservation for decades of nature enthusiasts.

These efforts have begun to be rewarded at last – the national park is seeing an expansion project alongside that of the Yorkshire Dales announced by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. This expansion means great things for the natural beauty sites.

The change to the boundaries begins as of next month, August 2016. It means that the boundaries of the two parks will be closer than ever before; only separated by the dividing line of the M6. Such an expansion will see significant growth for the Yorkshire Dales, nearly a quarter larger as a result of the changes. The Lake District will only see a 3% growth, but that will encompass a large number of residences and rural industries as a result.

Scenic view of lake district national park.

Places of significance that this will affect include Sizergh Castle, Birkbeck Fells and Whinfell Common in the Lake District. Whereas, in the Yorkshire Dales areas such as the River Lune, Middleton, Wild Boar Fell and other such areas will be included in the new boundary. Areas of incomparable natural beauty that will no longer be overlooked as they too have now earned the privilege of being a national park.

What does this change mean? People have often overlooked these areas, they have existed close to the parks in their original form but never quite been a part of it and so have been viewed as inferior almost. The change may spark more visits to these often overlooked locations as people continue to visit the parks in their millions every year.

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