The Inspiration Behind Great Works

3 May 2016

The Lake District has been a source of inspiration to artists, poets, authors and media makers for hundreds of years and there is no surprise as to why that may be. The rolling hills, emerald glades, gushing falls and expansive lakes have long been an English destination for those who have desired to get back to nature and find themselves there.

Some of the literature and films that have found roots in the Lake District may surprise you, so here is a quick overview of a few of the major works that have been produced as a result of the mesmerising setting of the Lakes.

Literature and Art

Vintage book of poetry outdoors

The setting of the Lake District has become intimately and irrevocably interlaced with the literature of the 18th and 19th centuries. William Wordsworth’s poetry, Sir Hugh Walpole’s literature, the art of Alfred and William Heaton Cooper have all found inspiration in the expanse of the Lake District. Unforgettably, Beatrix Potter’s timeless children’s books starring Peter Rabbit were also inspired by her surroundings during her residency at Hill Top Farm (a great location in the Lakes to visit today).

There have also been a number of novels that have been directly set in the Lake District. This list includes The Fellwalker by Michael Wood, The Coffin Trail books by Martin Edwards, and the Maid of Buttermere by Melvyn Bragg. These are more modern novels that include murder mystery and seem to take advantage of the mysterious and expansive nature of the Lake District that has drawn people in for hundreds of years.


Autumn leaves and empty slate of films.There have been a number of films and television shows that have filmed on location in the Lake District in the past ten years, including the latest smash hit Star Wars: The Force Awakens. More films that have been filmed in the Lake District over the last few years include: 28 Days Later, Miss Potter, Pandaemonium, Snow White and the Huntsman and Withnail and I. The television series The Tenant of Wildfell Hall was also filmed in the Lakes and stared Toby Stephens, son of Dame Maggie Smith.

From zombies to period pieces and fantasy, this location has been one that is in high demand, though filming locations are sometimes less willing than the industry would like, and the landscape has undoubtedly added to the aesthetic and cinematography of these films.

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