Choosing a Self-Catered Holiday

6 June 2016

With great summer weather comes great holiday plans! You might look back to last year and think about your less-than-perfect stay at a hotel, or you might be looking for something different this year. A self-catered holiday lets you make your holiday truly your own.

If you have children, you know they don’t always want to eat at the same time as adults do, and it can be stressful to plan around hotel times. With self-catered holidays you’ll be able to use the accommodation’s kitchen, just as if you were right at home!

Completely Flexible

Staying in a self catering holiday cottage will allow you to personalise your holiday. You won’t need to follow any schedule, like you would with hotel meals. With no restrictions on when you eat – and no expensive room service – you will always find food that you love to eat.

You can more easily control how much you spend on food by making use of the cottages’ kitchens, fully equipped for all of your cooking needs. If you’re travelling in a group of four, for example, you’ll be able to split the costs of everything down to the accommodation, and enjoy it even more!

Mill House's self-catering holiday kitchen.

Noise Free

When on holiday, you want to enjoy the scenery in peace and quiet. After all, relaxing from how hard you worked to go on holiday is a top priority! In hotels, you have a high chance of getting noisy neighbours who can quickly make your stay inconvenient.

Self-catered cottages give you more options; you can take a peek at the properties and where they are located, including what attractions are around, and decide on which one works the best for you. Cottages are situated among beautiful, green scenery that you will be able to enjoy in peace.

Woman enjoying greenery and listening to music.

Connect with the Local Culture

As our self catering holiday cottages are in the heart of local villages, you get more than just a glimpse of your surroundings. While you are essentially a tourist, with self-catered accommodation you will really feel like you’re part of the place where you’re staying at. You can get up in the morning and buy fresh food from the market, like locals do, and take a stroll alongside the wonderful and historical sites.

And you never know which piece of history you might find by talking to the locals! They will be able to let you know about the best places to visit, which ones to avoid, and which pub has the better food and environment for an enjoyable afternoon.

Shallow depth of field photo of tourists taking photographs.

At Mill House Cottages we have the perfect self-catering options for you, whether you are looking for a romantic cottage for two, a pet friendly cottage, a family cottage for you to enjoy in the school holidays or large group accommodation to reconnect with friends, we have it all.

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