5 Tips for Taking Your Dog on Holiday with You

13 August 2018

So, you’re getting ready for a well-deserved vacation; but who is going to take care of your pet while you’re away? Your dog is part of your family, so it’s completely natural that you’ll want to bring them with you on holiday. As a nation of both travel and animal lovers, combining the two is perfect for many Britons around the country.

And at Mill House Cottages, we understand just how important your four-legged friend is to you. Which is why we’ve put together some tips on how to take Rover or Sparky on holiday with you.

1. Choose a Dog-Friendly Accommodation

It goes without saying that you need to pick out the right lodging for you and your furry companion so that you can both have a great time. Our pet-friendly cottages in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Scotland are tailored with your pup in mind. From safety features (such as enclosed gardens), to plenty of space to play. Because each pet is unique, so are our cottages. Some offer more peace and quiet, whilst others are a bit more lively. Enjoy a home away from home with all the comforts you and your best friend are used to.

2. Make Your Dog Feel at Home

For you, getting away from your usual routine may very well be the reason you’re going on holiday. You may love being in a different location, exploring new places you’ve never seen before. However, the same may not be true of your furry friend.

Dogs are creatures of habit, so they may feel unsettled or uncomfortable away from their familiar surroundings. For this reason, you’ll want to bring some of your pet’s items with you, such as their favourite bed, blanket or toy. These can make your dog calmer and less worried. Stick to the usual food and walk routine as much as possible, which can also help them to feel at home.

3. Make Sure Your Dog is Comfortable When Travelling

While it’s crucial to choose the right property for your family and your pet, it’s equally important to ensure that your dog is comfortable during your journey there. As well as any subsequent trips to explore the surrounding areas.

Water and food are a must, as your pet should always have plenty of both while travelling. If you’re unsure whether your dog travels well, why not take them on a trial trip to see if they’re prepared to go in the car with you over a longer distance? If your pooch is a bit scared, which is normal, speak to them to calm them and to ensure they feel loved and safe.

4. What’s in the Area?

This is another important factor to consider. Research the area ahead of time to find out which places are dog-friendly and which ones are off-limits. For example, while you may be able to take your dog hiking, be it climbing a mountain or exploring a hidden trail, you may not be able to bring him or her with you inside a pub or a restaurant at the end of the walk. Some fence crossings and turnstiles are also not accessible for all types of dogs, so that’s something to consider, too.

By checking beforehand, you get the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is more than welcome to accompany you every step of the way while you’re on holiday.

Beautiful labrador retriever dog in the park, sunny day

5. Plan for All Situations and Emergencies

While you may not want to entertain worst-case scenarios, it pays to be prepared for any eventuality. It’s more than likely that your holiday will go without a hitch but, if you’ve planned for everything, you’ll be much better equipped to deal with any situation. Know where the nearest vets are, for instance, and pack a first aid kit in case your pet gets injured.

Dogs are family and we’re more than happy to welcome yours into our cottages. From public footpaths in the countryside to parks where your pooch can let loose, you’re sure to enjoy our fantastic range of luxury holiday cottages in the Lake District with your furry best friend.

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