5 Autumn Walks in the Lake District

1 September 2017

We’ve hit the month of September and that means autumn is upon us and summer is nearly behind us. This season is one of the most enjoyable and relaxing as we get ready for the colder weather. Autumn walks in an area of natural beauty can be highly satisfying, and the Lake District is one of the most fulfilling destinations, filled with stunning areas to enjoy an autumn walk.

We’ve previously discussed three things to do in the Lake District during summer but, with the arrival of autumn, there are different things to enjoy. If you’re heading to the Lake District, here are five autumn walks not to be missed:

Views in the Lake District in AutumnBorrowdale

Borrowdale is popular throughout the year, and the natural beauty of the area will take your breath away in the late summer and autumn months. The dense woods of the area change in hues, with leaves changing colour to rich reds, browns and oranges and overtake the valley. This leisurely eight-mile round walk is one for you not to miss.


Lake Windermere is England’s longest lake, and both sides are awash with hues of autumn. You have the choice of taking a ferry, viewing the lakes from the water up to Ambleside, or you can walk this journey and take in the beauty surrounding you.


Langdale is another beautiful valley the Lake District offers and you can take the opportunity to walk the Langdale Pikes, which are a picturesque backdrop to one of the region’s most popular locations. Both walkers and climbers love this route as you walk across the valley floor and through fields. In the height of autumn, the area is a glorious orange as the densely packed trees drop their leaves.


Another of the Lake Districts popular lakes, Buttermere, becomes more stunning when autumn sets in. The trees that cover the small lake make the waters calm if you visit in the morning, and the autumn colours that reflect on the water create a spectacular mirrored effect. This walk only takes a couple of hours, but it creates a memorable experience.


Brothers Water is the perfect location for an early morning stroll, allowing you to see the special view of the mist rising off the water as the day warms up. Starting from Cow Bridge, you walk along the side of the water with Low Wood situated on your right, which is dotted with old trees, creating a truly spectacular view in the early morning light.

View of Ullswater in Autmn
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