Three Plans to Enjoy the Lake District

29 March 2016

The Lake District has inspired travellers and artists during centuries. You can walk around Windermere lakes while the sun is still coming out and the mist hides the blue mountains in the distance, perhaps glimpsing a tiny white vessel in the horizon. You can have a picnic in the fields, where you can smell the sweet grass where lambs chase each other. And in the evening, what’s more romantic than taking your loved one up on a hill to observe the bucolic landscape and peeking at the ocean?

The Lakes District is the ideal place to relax and let nature nurture your soul. You can have different preferences and tastes but now that spring brings longer days and nicer weather, why not organising a little escapade to the Lakes to enjoy its many attractions? Here you have three plans to help you design the perfect holiday!

Scenic photo of a lake in the Lake District.

1. Literary Escapade. Maybe you and your dear one are book lovers. Or perhaps your kids want to see the places they have read about in school. Why not going to the Lakes then, the place that inspired so many writers and poets?

You can start in Windermere and take a stroll through the public pathway to Bowness on Windermere to see the Beatrix Potter museum. This is a fun colourful place with lots of interactive activities for children, and you’ll enjoy them equally if you grew up reading Peter the Rabbit’s adventures.

If poetry is your thing, visit the ‘father of the daffodils’, Wordsworth. There are two different cottages where the laureate poet lived, Dove cottage in Grassmere as well as his house in Rydal Mount. If you want to enhance your literary experience you can rent The Pavilion. It’s set in the historical village of Tunstall, in the same area the Bronte sisters went to school.

 Mill House's Pavilon Cottage as suggestion for literary escapade Lake District plan.

2. Hiking. You see the mountains in the distance and the first thing that comes to your mind is not relaxation... but adrenaline! If you’re looking for an exciting adventure, the Lakes offer tons of great hikes you can do to satisfy your curiosity and challenge your body.

We suggest you go to Great Langdale. The ascend might be a bit tiring, but the beautiful waterfalls you’ll encounter along the way will keep you distracted. And when you reach the Langdale pikes the views are outstanding – if the sky is clear, you can even see the Isle of Mann! The descend is easy, just a relaxing walk down the valley where you can greet the herdwick sheep – the Lake’s distinctive breed.

Settlebeck Cottage is also in a very good walking location from where you can access the Langdales or visit local attractions such as Ingleton Waterfalls.

Mill House's Settlebeck Cottage living-room photo.

3. Shopping and relaxing. If your idea of a perfect holiday is enjoying a warm cappuccino in a picturesque café whilst reading a magazine, then Windermere is your perfect destination. This village has everything to keep you entertained: cafes, a wide variety of restaurants offering dishes from all over the world, art galleries, shops...

And in the afternoon you can take a cruise along the lakes, or bring the children to feed the swans that wander around the shore. Everything is in a walking distance ratio so once you get there and park you can relax!

You are planning now your well-deserved holiday, and Mill House Cottages want to provide you with the accommodation you need. All our cottages are rustic but luxurious, so you get the best from a countryside stay without losing comfort. Check out our lovely cottages, which include dog friendly cottages in the Lake District, and if you want to discuss any details contact us and we’ll guarantee you the best holidays!

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