Spotlight On: Autumn Cottage

1 July 2016

It’s difficult to find a holiday plan that satisfies everyone in the family alike, but sometimes the saying ‘the more the merrier’ can be the perfect solution. Why not go on holiday with friends who also have children? Fun is assured for everyone. Looking for a lovely house that will fit you all? Autumn Cottage could be ideal!

Mill House's living-room view of their Autumn Cottage

Great Location

The Autumn Cottage is located in Barrows Green, a village that is strategically placed between two of the most beautiful areas in England: the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales. This means that if you want to hike, take the kids out for a fantastic picnic and enjoy outstanding views you will have more options than ever!


Autumn Cottage can locate up to eight people, so it’s ideal for two families with children. There are two bedrooms with en-suite facilities plus two other rooms with a double bed and twin beds.

It also has microwave and dishwasher so you don’t need to worry about losing lots of time fixing breakfast or lunch for everyone. And if you want to enjoy one unforgettable meal all together, you can use its terrace with outdoor furniture and barbeque, ideal for a sunny day. And if the weather is not that nice, you have a vast library with books to suit everyone’s taste. Coming to the countryside can be the perfect excuse to leave technology behind and take a break!

Photo of Mill House's Autumn Cottage library.Kendal

This is one of the most beautiful towns of the Lake District, and it is still big enough to offer a wide range of restaurants for a fancy dinner out as well as shops and other conveniences.

This historic place was founded by the Romans. Although the remains of their old fort have been buried under the fields for centuries, you can find lots of Roman artefacts in the Kendal Museum – and this is perfect to have a little history class for the children too!

Another secret gem in Kendal is its beautiful castle. You can walk there directly from the city centre and up to a hill. Views from the top are impressive – especially during twilight. The castle is in ruins, but this just makes the setting even more dramatic.

Finally, everyone will be dying to try Kendal’s most famous delicacy: the mint cake! This sweet was accidentally discovered by Joseph Wiper during his search for a clear glacier mint, but nowadays nobody wants to leave the Lakes without having tried it first. It also has the reputation of being energetic food – and was even taken into an Antarctic expedition at the beginning of the 20th century –so it’s the perfect snack if you’re going for a hike.

Mill House's Autumn Cottage grounds and surrounding area photo.

The Punch Bowl

Looking for a local pub to enjoy a pint or just relax after a long day outside? The Punch Bowl is located right in Barrows Green and offers hot food and an assorted variety of local brewery and wines. It’s also an ideal start point for lots of amazing hikes in the area such as Borrowdale and Buttermere.

It’s never too late to book your holidays! And an escape into nature and the Lakes is always a safe bet to disconnect from the stress of the whole year. If you want to rent one of our self catering holiday cottages or if have any enquiries, don’t hesitate in contacting our friendly team.

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