How to Enjoy an Unplugged Holiday

17 August 2016

Mill House Cottages provide an unforgettable holiday experience in the stunning scenery of either Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales or the south of France. All of this beautiful countryside is complemented on your stay by equally beautiful cottages - providing modern, luxury accommodation to relax in after an invigorating day's hike.

However, fewer and fewer people find it easy to actually switch off on their holiday. With the internet available even whilst outside with 3G and 4G technology, people are receiving information and email at all times. Whilst this accessibility of information is to be applauded, it is difficult not to sometimes think: "Wasn't it more relaxing before?".

At Mill House Cottages, we think that in many ways it was. That's why - just for a few weeks a year - we think leaving your phone or tablet at home is a fantastic idea. Let's take a look at how to do so, free of anxiety.

Photo of someone spending too much time on Smart Phone.

Keep Your Colleagues Informed

We're sure that your colleagues are well aware of the fact that you have a holiday booked, but make sure everyone is fully up to speed that you are - and prepare them for a shock here - not available to speak by either phone or email for the duration of your stay. If you would like to, you can set up auto reply emails that will inform people of your absence, and create an answerphone message.

Remember Newspapers? 

No one is expecting you to completely shut yourself off from society, and you can remain perfectly informed by simply picking up a paper when you need one, and the process is actually very relaxing. News was far more enjoyable and civilised before it was beamed directly into your phone as an alert, wasn't it?

Non-digital Entertainment

Several of our properties benefit from perks such as pool tables and other fun things, not to mention the beautiful countryside that is on your doorstep and is yearning to be explored. So there's no need to worry about streaming your favourite programmes and providing your kids' entertainment with technology: you can all play a game of rounders, or cards if it's raining.

Wherever you go for your holiday, remind yourselves that the world will still be there when you get back, and try and forget about it in the process. Contact us today to find out about our fantastic properties and deals for getaways.

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